Why is shifting to online B2B so important?

Insights - 02-Dec-2019

As we have seen in the consumer marketplace, speed and price define the winners and losers. However, in B2B, there is a more co-dependent relationship, and trust is a necessity, so which levers need to be pulled to strengthen a Business-to-Business partnership?

Shifting to online B2B grants you one of the most essential things in business, control. While aggregated platforms are great for speed and reach, they present many problems.

One of the most significant issues lies within new product launches, they take a substantial amount of time, resource and budget. So, when a rusted supply chain inevitably slows the process down and turns the product’s bang into a damp squib, then it’s time for a new option.

Today, digital platforms need to provide a frictionless experience so you can launch products and receive feedback quicker than ever before. Auracore can deliver this via an easy-to-use place to store all your products, information and marketing support. Even better, having it all available to your stockist will only help streamline processes and build relationships.

Slow-moving stock creates another major issue across the entire supply chain and can even stop wholesalers and stockists buying your new range. However, this can be solved by looking at your digital outreach and highlighting your data.

Data has often been referred to as the new oil and those who control it, control the world around them. So, by simply getting stockists online and producing data, there’s so much to learn.

You’ll quickly find yourself with a domestic and global view of your stockists which tells you everything you need to know about their buying habits. Having this direct relationship allows you to discover trends you may have never noticed, giving you more time to plan and become more proactive with your business.

So, by analysing both data and your digital outreach, we can accelerate the slow-moving stock, giving everyone a win-win.

The B2B market is finally awakening to the behaviours of the B2C market. Control of your data gives you control of your brand. So, businesses who can embrace this thinking sooner rather than later will be the winners of the biggest prize.